smart ebike – viral „I skip leg day“

The smart ebike supports you on every bike tour. So what do you need strong legs for? We put this message into a music video and spread it via social media, using the web meme “Never skip leg day”, where body builders forget their legs, thus look hilariously disproportioned. But instead of making fun of them, we turned them into our heroes. `Cause: Who else could be better testimonials for not having to pedal hard?

Reception: Over 7 million views, 56k shares within 3 weeks. Rank 1 on German Viral Charts.

Agency: BBDO Berlin
Creative Directors: Tobias Feige, Daniel Haschtmann
Concept: Timo Fiebig, Shelley Lui
Copywriter/Songwriter: Timo Fiebig
Art Director: Shelley Lui
Director: Tobias Perse
Composer: Malte Pittner


* London International Awards: 1x Gold
* Eurobest: 1x Silver | 1x Shortlist
* ADC Europe: 1x Silver
* Cannes Lions: 1x Bronze
* ADC Germany: 2x Bronze
* New York Festivals: 2x Finalists
* One Show: 1x Finalist
* Die Klappe: 2x Finalists


i skip leg day – casefilm english

i skip leg day – music video